Numerology influences man’s luck and can bring about blessings or disasters. Discover the different Chinese constellation that each number represents through our long-term research and practice. Be ready to get fascinated at how life's endless changes and mysteries unravel in front of you. PERFORM READING

About Us

Have you ever felt that everything seems right? The energy in the environment that you are in feels good and you feel a sense of belonging?

Or, have you ever felt uncomfortable in the place you visited, the air around you feels “heavy” and you, as if you are being rejected?

Home numerology is the study of numbers and how your home’s address reflects its personalities. We will help you take a closer look at how your home impacts your life.

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*In the event that the product you are interested in is out-of-stock, houseunitnumber will provide a replacement with the same/similar value. Blessing for the individual items will be the same.

Home Numerology Calculator

If there is an alphabet after your unit number, the prediction will be similar to the units sharing the same unit number. For example, if the unit number 25 has 2 independent units, 25A and 25B, the prediction (whether it is good or bad luck) will be shared between the 2 units.

*All information is for reference only*
First fate, second luck, third feng shui, fourth education, fifth effort
Life cannot be changed, luck can be changed, additional support is important. We wish you luck!

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